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"Wannabe An Inventor? Start Here!"

If your mind is always percolating with ideas about better ways to do things, then you might just be an inventor, like Alvin Sacks. In this book, Dr. Sacks draws upon a lifetime of remarkable experiences to show you how to make your ideas a reality—and have lots of fun in the process. Dr. Sacks has personally invented, patented, negotiated, licensed and consulted on numerous inventions, including his unique device to measure blood pressure, without electronics, or special training.

Following graduation from Cornell, Dr. Sacks embarked upon a 50-year career in engineering research, while finishing the Ph.D. at Stanford, as he and his wife of 68 years raised their family of four in Silicon Valley. Early on he realized that a formal education is not nearly as important to inventing as the innate curiosity and drive to create something new and useful.

Today, at age 96, Dr. Sacks has never stopped inventing or encouraging others to put their ideas to work.


"This book is intended for people just like you. We all develop certain habits as we grow up, such as the way we groom and brush our teeth, even the way we organize our clothes to wear, and how to tie our shoes. Remember the invention of Velcro. And I have found that as we grow older, and lose some of our faculties, we need to invent techniques, some of which might be patent-able. This new book will show you precisely how do just that and protect your idea and even produce some income. Yes you can read become a successful inventor. Read the book, relax, and enjoy.

At the age of ninety-six, I have accumulated a wide range of knowledge regarding the in's and out's of patenting ideas and developing early prototype's. This knowledge was sprouted as a child by watching my father working on his favorite hobby in the family garage. Although he was an attorney by profession, he had no idea of the rules of inventing. He therefore never applied for a patent, although I believe that he was the first to invent both the assembly of a picket fence from a kit with no nails and the first rotation of windows in tall buildings to allow washing of broth sides from indoors. He actually produced prototypes for both inventions in our garage, but did not know what to do next.

This short book will give you all the information you need to be a successful inventor, and also tells the story of my own such efforts, both successful and not. If my dad had read a book like this, he would have died a rich man."

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